Best Countries To Study Abroad

As the students complete their A levels, their main aim is to apply for a recognized university where they can study and build a successful career.  Some of them apply locally while others opt for international universities. The decision to study abroad not only offers the students an opportunity of getting a quality education but also provides them international exposure.

Listed below are the countries considered best to study in terms quality education and in affordability as well.


Germany offers free or near to free tuition to International students as well. Students can study for free at top universities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and other cities of Germany. These are internationally recognized universities offering degrees in areas of medicine, engineering and business.


Large number of top ranked universities of the world are present in Australia.  Moreover it is quite easier to get a student visa here so while deciding where to study abroad, Australia shouldn’t be neglected.


Canada has a higher quality of life. Studying here not only offers the students degrees of top ranked universities worldwide but also provides them a chance of working in Canada itself. University of Toronto and The University of British Columbia are Canadian universities with higher International ranking.


One of the most affordable countries to study abroad. Not only the tuition fee is cheap but the living cost is quite low too. Many top ranked universities are present over there.


With its close proximity to Pakistan. It is one of the best options for students to apply abroad. It has universities whose degrees are recognized worldwide. Among other universities Middle East Technical University has got a higher world ranking.

Studying abroad not only helps you grow academically but also provides you a vast cultural experience, chances to expand globally, and above all help you become an independent person. Managing everything on your own in a country far from home develops independency and gives you the power of decision-making as well.


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