Ensuring Children and Young People’s Mental Well-being During Covid19

The COVID19 outbreak brought huge changes in everyone’s lives. It has altered everything from personal to professional lives. The transition has been affecting us for more than a year now. It has contributed to stress and affected the mental health of the majority. For most people staying at home has been quite difficult which in turn has increased their frustration and anxiety level.
It is important to ensure mental well-being, especially that of children and youngsters.
Here are a few strategies for coping with this situation.


Learn something

Learn something new while staying at home. It is recommended to keep yourself busy to avoid stress and deal with negative thoughts. Learning a new instrument, a skill, or joining a new course online can be a powerful solution to combat anxiety and stress. You can learn a new language from Duolingo. It is an amazing application for learning foreign languages easily.

Find new ways to connect with your friends

Meeting friends and loved ones is a great way to stay content. COVID19 has restricted all of us from physically meeting friends and families which has contributed to our stress and affected our mental health. Even if physical interaction is not possible there are other ways to stay connected such as video calls through WhatsApp, Zoom, and other applications.

Acknowledge your feelings

It is a common practice in our society to hide feelings and anxiety. It is completely normal to feel stressed out and anxious. Try to acknowledge your feelings and think about how you can change them and feel better. What’s the solution? Mental health is something that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Acknowledge then work to resolve it.

Spend quality time with your children

Provide quality time to your children and engage them in fun and productive activities. Play puzzles with them, involve them in household chores, recreate and renovate your house. Read books with them. By keeping them involved in such a way, you can manage their mental health and keep them away from stress.

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice of being fully aware of your moment by moment surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and environment. Being mindful helps in the reduction of stress and regulating negative emotions. Even scientific studies show numerous health benefits of mindfulness.
The COVID19 has indeed affected the whole world which has altered our lifestyles and has put pressure on our mental health to a greater extent. In this scenario, it should be our goal to ensure the mental well-being of ourselves and of those in our surroundings.


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