Feature Interview Miss Arifa Asim

Miss Arifa Asim is one of our passionate and experienced teachers at Valeem who has dedicated herself to the profession of teaching for the past 15 years. Mathematics may be a boring and difficult subject for the majority of the students but through her unique teaching style, Ms.Arifa has made her students excel in this particular course. In this article with Ms.Arifa, we will highlight her efforts to create a difference in the lives of her students.

Ms. Arifa holds a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics from Karachi University and is currently pursuing Masters in Mathematics from IBA. 


Upon asking about her profession as a teacher

She replied, “I have been associated with the profession of teaching for the last 15 years. I started teaching early while I was in Intermediate. The profession fascinates me a lot.


With these years of teaching experience, Ms. Arifa has a high command over Mathematics. This proficiency in her subject has helped her students in gaining A and A*s.  


On being asked about her teaching experience at Valeem, she said, “It has been 2 years since I joined Valeem. It is a great platform where I can exercise my abilities, save my time, and here I can continue my studies as well along with fulfilling my financial needs.


Upon inquiring whether teaching is a part time or full time profession for her, she told, “Currently it is a part time profession for me since I am continuing my M.Phil but surely after my studies, I will teach full time.


What’s it’s like being a teacher, is the job stressful? 

Depends upon the perception, it’s my dedication, I have never felt it a burden at any point in my life, maybe because I am quite passionate about teaching.

And above all it’s about your management skills, if you are able to manage it well then surely it isn’t stressful.


Since her students have been quite satisfied with her, we asked her about the teaching style she follows, to which she replied, “Well, my strategy is simple. It is to teach till your student is completely satisfied with whatever you have taught, I want my students to be comfortable with me. If you do have a good chemistry with your students, the students will not only be comfortable with you but will also take interest while studying.


Do you think the advent of COVID19 has reshaped online education?

A change has been observed in the mindset of students. People have started taking online education seriously. 

Due to the pandemic, many challenges have been faced.

2020 was a challenging year since I planned to go to the UK for higher studies but the plan couldn’t be executed due to the pandemic situation“, said Ms. Arifa.


How do you keep your students attentive? 

“I keep on asking questions. This keeps them alert and totally engaged.


Keeping in mind her dedication towards her profession, we wanted to know if her teaching style ever created a positive impact on any of her students.

She answered, “Yes Alhamdulillah many times, just want to share about my student at Valeem named Nabiha from KSA. She used to dislike mathematics but after I taught her, she started having an interest in the subject. Her mother wanted to meet me and thank me for the change I have brought in her life.”


Message for success 

The only key to success is practice, the more you practice the more efficient you become. I ensure my students attempt as many tests and assignments as they can. I know where they stand and then I myself work harder on the areas of improvement. This way my students secure higher grades.


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