Feature Interview with Sir Fahad Akbani

Sir Fahad Akbani is a passionate and dedicated teacher who decided to make a difference in the lives of children. He sees education as an important resource for creating a better future and for this he has joined Valeem for A-Levels online classes to provide opportunities for students around the world. In this article, he discusses his interest in education reform during the covid pandemic and how it can change people’s lives.


Mr. Akbani holds a postgraduate degree from the Dept of Computer Science, at IBA. He did his research work in Artificial intelligence in Aerial Robotics. Previously, he graduated from the Department of Applied Physics, at the University of Karachi with distinction (Gold Medal) in the batch.


In this interview, you’ll learn why even though there are many challenges in his field, this profession will always be rewarding because of its ability to help students achieve their desired grades. He himself completed A levels with 3 A*s (which includes the subjects he teaches) and O levels with 3A*s & 4 As.


On being asked what it’s like being a teacher? Is it stressful?

Sir Fahad said; “Being a teacher is not always easy. I’ve always loved teaching and it has never been stressful for me, but that doesn’t mean everyone shares my enthusiasm or passion about the profession!” 


He has been associated with the profession of teaching for almost 10 years now. After earning his undergraduate degree, he went on to pursue a master’s. He has been tutoring O&A Level students since 2011 both online & offline in groups and individual settings.


He has been giving A Levels online classes at Valeem for the last 2 years and as per him, it has been an amazing experience. 

My experience with Valeem has been amazing! I love how it is not rigid and offers flexible timings, unlike other institutions. One can work here without being pressurized. It values both students’ education as well as the educators’.


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We asked Sir Akbani about his teaching style. And does he have a particular way of being effective in the classroom?

On which he told; “I believe in an engaging way of teaching because the students learn best when they are fully engaged with their learning.

I prefer to use a board rather than Powerpoint for this reason, as it’s more dynamic and interesting. This style also allows me greater flexibility so that I can cater my lessons towards each student’s needs – whether it be through employing interactive activities or providing additional resources if needed!


– How do you ensure interactive learning among your students? 

I provide a positive and encouraging environment for them. I work hard at making sure that they are able to freely express themselves, ask questions without feeling embarrassed or ashamed about it–and clarify any confusion regarding the subject matter if need be! Throughout lectures, I frequently cross-question every person in order to verify full comprehension; this helps guarantee each one gets exactly what he/she needs out of my course material.


What do you think is the biggest reason for students opting for you as their teacher?

I have taught with pure dedication for years. All of my students have achieved A* or As in their O&A Levels Physics & Mathematics exam. Which shows how much effort I put into each individual case to help them succeed!


– How do you think online teaching is different from a physical classroom setup?

Online teaching offers a time-saving and cost-effective way to provide education. The flexibility of online courses ensures that it can be used in any situation, no matter how tough the demand on resources may seem at first glance!


 – What challenges do you face as a teacher when conducting online classes?

Global education is changing rapidly, and this change has created many challenges for teachers. One of the biggest problems I have faced when teaching online was not being able to grab every student’s attention while conducting a virtual class; you just don’t know whether they are paying attention or occupied somewhere else with something on their computer.


I, therefore, make sure that every student must turn their cameras on and I randomly ask questions during my lectures.


– Do you think the advent of COVID19 has reshaped online education?

I believe it is definitely changing how people learn now. The arrival of COVID19 has caused a boom in online education. Online courses are now more accessible than ever before, due to their ability to use technology as an educational tool for students with global pandemics or those who can’t afford expensive classes on location. This system provides flexibility and accessibility that would otherwise not be possible without it!


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