Is Your Child in Need of a Tutor?

One of the most common questions asked by parents these days is  “Does my child need a tutor?

A vast majority believe that attending college and university is enough for their children. They do not understand that these days it is essential for students to get additional academic support to keep pace with the competitive world.


If you are getting confused about whether your child is in need of a tutor, you may look out for these signs.


Poor Grades

Is your child securing poor grades at their institute? Does he/she feel difficulty while grasping the course content? If he is facing difficulty while keeping up with the lesson delivered during the class then he definitely needs a tutor. At Valeem, we provide additional academic support through our well-qualified and experienced tutors. 


Poor Time Management

If your child is not able to manage time effectively, he/she has trouble completing the assignments and homework within the deadline because the time does not seem enough. A tutor may be required to aid him to manage his tasks and help him complete them in the given time frame. 


Lack of Confidence 

Every student is different from others. Some students secure good grades but lag behind when it comes to confidence. An underconfident child may not put effort into his studies like a confident one. A tutor may help him gain self-esteem and confidence by providing him extra personal attention.


Learning Disabilities

Often a parent is not able to identify the learning disabilities in their children. If your child is unable to read properly, faces difficulty while speaking, writing, or has issues in some specific subjects, do not ignore these red flags. A professional tutor may be helpful in identifying the issues, tutor and plan lessons for your child according to his needs.


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Seems Confused

If your child seems confused while learning his lessons, completing assignments, or digesting a simple concept, you should get him a tutor. A tutor will clear his/ her concepts. Sometimes only a small confusion makes the student dislike the entire subject. A tutor, therefore, is necessary to resolve these issues and create interest for them.


Tutoring is essential for your child in order to boost his confidence, self-esteem and provide him personal attention. A professional tutor is able to assess a child’s learning needs and then teach accordingly. If you observe any of the above signs in your child then it is advised to get him a tutor too.


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