Offline to Online Learning | The changing role of parents

TheĀ  COVID 19 outbreak has brought huge changes worldwide. Among these is the transition from physical to online learning.

Initially the concept of online learning was new to a vast majority of students, parents and teachers. Although as the time progresses many have now become comfortable with it, there are still some who are struggling with the use of it. Where students and teachers have to change their learning and teaching styles respectively, parents too have new responsibilities now.

Parents now have to perform a new role during this online learning.

Set up a schedule

Since the whole study environment has changed now, parents must assist their children in setting up a proper study schedule. Time for meal breaks, assignments, homework must all be managed by parents.

Provision of proper gadgets

Gone are the times when smartphones, tablets and laptops were used solely for entertainment.

These are the basic needs for the students now. Since they are the medium of their online learning. Parents must ensure to provide proper working gadgets so that classes can be taken smoothly.

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Keep motivating your children. Since it’s something totally new for them, appreciate their efforts. Make them realize you will always be their side. Stay positive. Motivate them to take these classes with the same spirit they use to take physical ones.

Do not perform the role of an Educator

Taking online classes from home certainly does not mean that you should start acting as their educator. This is not your responsibility. The lesson plan is the same. Don’t interfere in their learning process.

Stay in contact with their Teachers

Try to be in touch with their teachers through any medium feasible to you. Email, phone or messaging are various ways to connect to them. Discuss their progress and talk about their concerns.

The involvement of parents in a child’s education plays a significant role. The transition from offline to online learning requires more effort and increased responsibilities from the parents end.


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