Benefits Of Taking Sociology In A Levels

If you are interested in learning about society, its structures, how and why those structures are formed. And the role of human interaction in shaping those structures, sociology is the subject for you. Here are some more reasons to help you decide if you should take sociology in A-levels:

It Opens Your Mind

Taking sociology helps you engage with social and contemporary issues in society and opens your mind to those issues. You get to see the world from a variety of perspectives, through different schools of thought. Through Sociology, you understand society and why it works the way it does. You get to know about social structures and once you understand those structures, you can also help bring about social change. But most importantly, Sociology helps you realize your privilege and how it affects your position in society.

You Get A Broad Skill Set

Through Sociology, you gain critical thinking and evaluation skills. It allows you to understand how to use evidence for social issues and incorporate them into your arguments. It prepares you for the university where you will be asked to use critical thinking skills in various courses. Sociology also provides you with the skills needed for social research which are very useful in university and your career ahead.

It Can Provide A Foundation For Various Social Science Degrees

Sociology can provide a foundation for various other social science degrees in university, giving you an edge for when you finally step into university. From Economics and Psychology to Politics, Sociology can be combined with almost any social science subject for a major with double impact. Sociology in A-levels can be combined with a subject like Economics to complement your studies.
Sociology gives you the edge you need by making you a critical thinker, which is an invaluable asset for university life. But you should consider taking Sociology in A-levels even if it does not align with your plans for university. It adds depth to your knowledge by helping you learn about society and your part in it. You will be groomed to take on the challenge of making society a better place with the knowledge you have gained. Either way, you end up better off with Sociology than without it!
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