How To Create An Engaging Online Course

Keeping students engaged in an online course can be a challenge. How do you make sure that students stay till the end of the course and actually learn something? Well, you need to create a more engaging online course. When students are engaged, they learn and when they learn, they take more courses from you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. So here is how you can create an engaging online course:


Plan the Course

To create an engaging online course, it is very important that you plan what the course should look like. You need to determine the content, length, and duration of the course. You must also divide the content and make sure it is engaging for an online class.


Keep Lessons Short

It is best to keep the lessons as short as you can, without compromising the content of the course. If the students have less content to absorb at one time, they will retain the information faster and stay engaged.


Interact with Learners

Try to interact with your online students as much as possible by asking them questions about the lesson and leading discussions about the course. It will help students take responsibility for their learning and take an active part in the class.


Get Feedback

Keep asking for feedback about the lessons from your students so you can improve the way you teach and make sure that the course is engaging. You can do this after every lesson.


Use Digital Tools

Do not just rely on presentations to teach students in an online course. Presentations make students lose focus. Instead, you can use animated videos for your lessons. You can create your own instructional videos or use digital tools to make your classes more interesting.


Assess Learners

Assessing students is a good way to make them take responsibility for their learning. Keep them engaged through short quizzes and assignments during the course. You can also test them at the end of the course.


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