How teenagers can protect their mental health during COVID19

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The covid  19 has brought huge changes in our lifestyles. The pervasive effects of the pandemic have been traumatic for a majority of us. Firstly, the imposed lockdown affected the mental health of everyone around us. The fear of contracting the virus on the other hand aggravated the situation.


The pandemic has affected  teenagers the most. Since the time they were supposed to spend outside for learning and for entertainment was spent locked in their homes. The psychologists therefore have advised to protect one’s mental health since a negative effect on  it may lead to depression and anxiety disorders in the future.


There are a few ways teenagers can protect their mental health during COVID19.


Invest in personal growth

Investing time in your personal growth not only helps in improving your mental well-being but also improves your self esteem and confidence. It’s the best time to polish your skills. You may learn a new foreign language. Applications like are very effective for learning a new language easily. One can spend time improving his/her communication skills or learning a new sport.



The purpose of mindfulness is to stay focused and intensely aware of your feelings and senses in the moment. Techniques like yoga, meditation or prayers can help you achieve mindfulness. Keep your focus on the present situation rather than worrying about the future and avoid making unnecessary assumptions. Websites like Mindful provides proper guidance for meditation and mindfulness techniques.


Stay cool connected with friends and family

When physical contact isn’t possible, it is still advised to stay in contact with your loved ones through virtual contact such as social media applications, whatsapp, messenger.

Staying in contact this way will not only keep you and everyone around you safe but also protect your mental health during COVID19.  Sharing your worries and anxieties is imperative for your mental well-being.


Connect with your feelings

It is important for you to acknowledge your feelings.  The transition brought by COVID19 has a negative impact on everyone. It is normal to feel sad and miss your life pre-covid.  Thinking about those sessions with your friends, physically visiting school and college, attending events in the past may be upsetting  but the only way to resolve it is to feel it, acknowledge it and then it will fade away.


Find a distraction

For some people the transition caused by COVID19 has hit harder than others. Psychologists have therefore been advising everyone since the start to look after their mental health. It is recommended to find yourself a distraction. Teenagers especially can get themselves involved in reading books, watching a movie, crafting or pursuing any other hobby. This way one can avoid negative thoughts continuously wandering inside the mind.


The phase we are going through right now is challenging and difficult for everyone, but one must not multiply these problems by neglecting their mental health which has been at  a serious risk of being affected.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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